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Our Team

Every member of our team is unified around one purpose: to help you attain your goals and secure your future. Our team is dedicated to working collaboratively, both internally and externally with your family’s advisory team. We like to view ourselves as the next generation of private wealth management, and we combine thoughtfulness with excellence, delivering institutional-caliber solutions designed to help grow and preserve your wealth.

Shaan Baren
Charlotte Berry, CFP®
Elizabeth Berry
Akiva Bottom
Eden Chang
Helen Chu, CFA®, CFP®
Jenny Enlow, CFP®
Josh Harlan
Alex Harris
Gary Hirschfeld
Greg Jankowski, CFP®
Jennifer Kancsco
Gordon Kao
Mike Lee
Blaine Lourd
Brendan McEwan, CFP®
Keith McKenzie
Palmer N. Murray
Rick J. Nott, CFP®, CPWA®
Darren Reinig
Margoth Romero, CFP®
Ian Ruebel
Stephanie Schaaf, CFA, CFP®, CAIA
Annie Shieh
Peter J. Wright
Jill R. Young
Millicent Asuncion
Viviana Didakhe